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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  January 3, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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border wall. president trump: without a wall you cannot have border security. it won't work. lou: diamond and silk. congressman matt gaetz. we hope you will be with us. we thank you for joining us tonight. reporter: socialist democrats pushing forward their agenda looking to expand our government. maybe they should look at socialist venezuela. the country is on the brink of
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collapse. and riots in the streets with 1 million percent inflation. steve hilton, the former u.k. prime minister advisor. to out grossing support for the border wall, listen -- president trump: you can call it a barrier or whatever you want. but he slings we need pro next our country. the people of our country want it. i have never had so much support as i have in the last week over my stance for border security, for border control. and for frankly the wall or the barrier. >> national border patrol counsel president brandon judd was with the president at the
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briefing. he joins us in just moments. "trish regan primetime" begins right now. melissa: democrats cake control of the house today with no sign of an end to the government shutdown. >> the house is still debating. but you had nancy pelosi elected speaker of the house. they are focused on bipartisanship. an hour ago nancy pelosi spoke to reports and said there is
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going to be no wall. she said the wall is merely a diversion. >> this is not a wall between mexico and the united states that the president is creating here. it's a wall between reality and his constituents. his supporters. he does not want them to know what he's doing to medicare and medicaid and social security. >> we know the debate is over the influx of illegal immigrants. there are roughly 200,000 people crossing the bordered illegally. nancy pelosi said there should be more infrastructure at ports of entry. she is giving her own solution. and she said we should be spending more on technology to scan cars for drugs as they cross over the bordered. they are still debating in the house whether the funding
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packages for six departments within the government can extend until september 30. then after that, there is another bill to debate the spending regarding homeland security. as we know, nancy pelosi and other democrats do not want any wall funding. today it was a diverse group of people in the house. you had over 100 women sworn in. their night is going to be a little long now. it's 8:03 and they are still debating. melissa: good to see them working. democrats waste nothing time pushing their agenda. let's ask my next guest house house and energi'' member. is there any chance to come together and get something done? you all are as far from your
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next election as you will ever be. so it's a good time to compromise. >> thanks for having me on. i think the status of compromise may improve tomorrow. clearly today was the day with speaker pelosi was need to go get the seats to be speaker. it wasn't likely she was going to compromise with the president at any point before or right after that vote was taken. we'll have some see what tomorrow brings. here's the thing. what they are saying, what you just heard what speaker pelosi said, the wall is a distraction. no, the problem is the border is not secure. so what democrats are telling us is status quo is acceptable. you just gave the figure of 200,000 people coming in illegally. i heard 22,000 for december. many much those are children. unaccompanied minors. melissa: you say democrats are
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okay with the status quo. i heard her say they are happy for money for technology and more people at border and ways to detect whether there are drugs in cars. it seems that the distraction is possibly the word wall. is it about the semantics involved? the president said you can call it a barrier if you want. it's not a wall, it's metal slats. speaker northeast pelosi is saying we'll give you money for other things. is it just about a word. >> i think the president indicated it's a semantics problem he's willing to negotiate what we call things. the president is a builder. he works in steel and concrete. i will tell you from multiple trips down the border to see firsthand the problems they are dealing with down there. you have got to have a more secure feature at that southern
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border. particularly in texas which is where i concentrate on. we have to have a more secure border. and the president articulated that plan to bring it forward. he won an election on that. and i don't think he's back away from that. melissa: i would submit to you respectfully that the american people see through the facts. this business semantics. both sides are saying they want to put money towards security. >> having made multiple trims down there, the images we saw from the new year's eve efforts where people were literally pushing women and children against the razor wire fence. this is not something you are going to control without a secure barrier. the speaker of the house is mistake fn she thinks you can add a drone here or there or an air stat here or there.
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it will take multiple fronts. melissa: you don't think democrats will give money for fencing of any type, even though they voted for it's many times in the past and you can show tape of them speaking on the floor talking about how you need the double fence, you don't think they are willing to yield on having border security money? >> if you listen to their rhetoric, they want open borders. that's the goal. the president wants border security. i think that the president needs to have the money he says he needs to protect and defend our country. melissa: how do you get past this impasse then? there is something you can offer democrats in exchange? the american people will blame all of you. >> and rightly so. the president did talk about some things earlier in the year
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and senator schumer turned him down on that. what's being lost in this is america. america is the most of generous country in the face of the earth that allows more people to come to our country legally than all other countries on the face of the earth combined. every year i have been in the use the house of representatives. melissa: what would you offer beyond that to get a deal zmon can you name something? >> the president is right when he says we need a physical barrier. >> to get, you have to give. so what would you give to democrats if they would yield on the money for some sort of something down there that feels like a barrier. >> let me answer this way. the democrats said they want relief for the dreamers. they want certainty for daca recipients. so oh quaib well and good.
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but the problem is you mustment continue to allow more people to fall into that conundrum. we saw 20,000 people that came across in the month of december and a lot of those are going to be tomorrow's dreamers. solving the problem will exist some dreamers. the president offered schumer that and he was turned down by the senate minority leader. melissa: new reaction just hours before ghaflg for her second stint as speaker of the house nancy pelosi. she says democrats are open to impeaching president trump. >> we have to wait to see what happens with the mueller report. we shouldn't be impeaching for a
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political reason and we shouldn't avoid impeachment for a political reason. melissa: fox news contributor and democratic strategist deroy murdock. what's your reaction to that? >> it's sad if nancy pelosi is going to come in on the first day and talk about impeachment. impeachment for what? i'm still waiting to see for what. you could talk about unusual hotel deals or michael i coulden's taxi medallions. i'm waiting for the evidence. if it's there, then it's a problem. i haven't seen it and nobody else has. melissa: robert, ways your
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reaction to all of that. do you think gunning for impeachment is a good strategy? if you believe the poll, a lot of democrats would love impeachment. they say ahead of time. i don't know how they would react once it was attempted. >> you have some fringe democrats who introduced the articles of impeachment. the house is not going to impeach the path. if he is impeached he won't be' removed by the senate. if he's impeached, pence is president. what nancy pelosi is saying it depends on what comes out in the mueller investigation. but we are going concentrate on comprehensive immigration reform and raising wages for low income people. we are going to concentrate on
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reforming obamacare. the 25th amendment is something the main stream media seems excited about. listen to joe scarborough. >> if we had a house and senate that took their job seriously, there would be people going up to the white house this morning saying, mr. president, questions abound whether you are fit for this office. if this continues, we are going to ask your cabinet to take a vote on whether you were fit for office and invoke the 25th amendment. melissa: deroy, i'll let you go first. mika and joe are ready to vote on impeachment for the 25th amendment saying he's out of his mind. if you listen to them, it's a matter of time before the president is out. are they serving their viewers
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or giving them false hope? >> this is the trump derangement syndrome network. they said the president didn't go to visit the troops. then he went to visit the troops, and they complaining about the make america great again hats. then they complained about melania's outfit or the christmas trees. if they have legitimate complaints they should focus on those instead of nitpicking. >> if president trump is somehow mentally inc incapacitated how d he beat am united states senator in one of the most of well
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financed campaigns for president. what we have to get back to us real conversations about what real americans are talk about at the dinner table. they are talking about the environment, climate change, gas prices, food and the ability to educate their children and what this country will be doing in 2019. all of this is a distraction. melissa: i think a lot of people watch those shows and think the president is on his last leg politically. people think he's not going to make it to the end of his term. this conversation happens a lot. they believe the mueller investigation is going to find something or one of these things that he's going to jail or getting out of office before the end of his first term. i don't know, deroy, it's
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singing in somewhere. people are believing it. >> i have much agree with what robert is saying. let's focus on public policy. people get caught up with donald trump's hair, is he using a staning. you can have intelligent discussions and maybe people on the left will have bright ideas and people on the right will have bright ideas. we spent two years with the critics of trump focused on stylistic matters. i'm not interested in that. he wears bright red ties and has bright yellow hair. i don't care about that. melissa: gentlemen, thank you very much. we appreciate your time.
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president trump thanks the brave men and women who workday and night to protect our borders. brandon judd met with the president today. he'll join me next on the crisis at our border. one liberal lawmaker comparing president trump to adolph hitler. amazingly, it did not end there. hear what the lawmaker is saying about the president's supporters. that's next. great news, liberty mutual customizes- uh uh - i deliver the news around here. ♪ sources say liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. over to you, logo. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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a wall is absolutely essential for border security. president trump: without a wall you can't have border security. without a wall you cannot have border security. it won't work. melissa: just after the president spoke, border patrol's brandon judd doubled down on that. >> i have been a border patrol agent for 21 years. i can personally tell you from the work i have done on the southwest border that physical barriers, walls actually talk. you hear a lot of talk that there are experts who say walls don't work. i promise you if you interview border patrol agents, they will tell you walls work. melissa: joining me, brandon judd. thank you so much for joining us. can i ask you how that happened today? one thing we heard after the fact is it wasn't planned. you were there and the president said people should hear from you
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and hear what you had to say? >> it wasn't planned. we had a meeting that was scheduled. we were in the meeting, and while we were discussing border security, there were several comments that were made. the president said i think the american people need to hear that. he called in sarah sanders and said let's get the press in here so the press can hear from the actual experts. if we go back and hear speaker pelosi say experts say a wall doesn't work. she never tells us who those experts are. the experts are the ones who actually patrolled the border. that worked prewall, post wall. who know what works on the border and walls 100% do work. med. melissa: immediately the criticism was no one * took questions. what did you think of that.
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>> i didn't hear that. we left right after we gave that brief. i'm here to take questions now. if cnn wants to ask me questions, they can call me up, msnbc. abc. whatever network, if you want to ask me questions i'll appear on your show and i will answer your questions. melissa: they say they want to invest in other things, more people like yourselves down there patrolling, they want more technology, more drones. nancy pelosi went through a long list of things she is willing to spend her money on. but they say the physical barrier is a waste of money. >> she is incorrect. again, drones are great. drones help us spot those people who cross the border illegally. but drones don't stop people from crossing the border illegally. physical barriers stop people from breaking our laws. you can throw up as many drones
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as you want and we'll take a lot of people into custody. but it won't physically stop people from crossing the border. when we look at that and we look at the number of drugs crossing our border. number of criminals crossing the border. we need physical barriers to physically stop people from entering the country illegally. melissa: how do you feel about the fact that in many instances your folks are made out to be the villains the sentiment sent your way for border patrol agents and the way you are characterized by many people on the left. does it have an impact on your team? >> it does. of course, it will have an impact on us. when we are called racist, when we are called the gestapo. of course, that will affect the way you feel about the job you are doing. you can have that happen.
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we know what we are doing is we are enforcing the law that congress put on the book. we are not the gestapo. we are not nazis. we take people into custody. we treat them humanely. we apply the laws congress asks us to apply. but that's the rhetoric from the far left that they want to energize their base with. it's not going to work. it never has worked. the american public wants border security. that what's we want and that's what president trump wants. melissa: the president and yourselves are criticized for what's happened on the border when you look at the children who died in those cases. on the other hand there are trump supporters who feel like the president already caved. he's look for $25 billion, now he's trying to get $5 billion. it looks like that isn't going
11:26 pm
to happen. what do you think about both those sentiments on both sides. >> i have been able to meet with the president on several occasions on border security. he's looking to do things the smartest way possible. when we were talking about $25 billion, we were talking about whether we need a secondary fence and secondary roads. he has with his business experience whittled it down and said doik this with $5.6 billion. if twheaments has come up with. he has come off his bottom line. we are not seeing recipro case from the other side of the aisle. speak with the actual experts, not the ones sitting behind a desk. not the ones reading papers.
11:27 pm
speak to the people patrolling the border and she'll find out what we need for border security. melissa: what do you say about the health and safety of children being brought across the border. >> to think that it's okay for parents to put their children in harm's way and put them into smugglers' hands. it disgusts me some of the things i think. and you see smugglers hole drop children behind the groups while they run and leave children out in the desert. it's ridiculous to think that's okay. to glamourize that and criticize the good guys protecting the american public is disgusting. melissa: the socialist wing is
11:28 pm
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melissa: democrats faking control of the house of representatives. the far left is trying to push government expansion and you will get stuck with the bill. what would a dramatic towrnt left mean for our economy? joining us is former obama campaign director robin biro. alfredo, let me start with you. you look at what's going on in venezuela. that's an extreme example because we had socialism for a long time that turned into corruption. how do you think if democrats are leaning towards social number of this country, then make a push for socialism with that still nearby. >> in the spirit of
11:32 pm
bipartisanship let me offer a congratulations to nancy pelosi for regaining the speaker's gavel. but i think she faces her biggest and greatest political threat. that is overseeing the most of liberal and socialist house of representatives to very be sat. she has a handful ahead of her. the president has overseen a tremendous economy, you know. unemployment at its lowest for two generations. job growth through the roof. china on its heels. anything that nancy pelosi and her liberal congress decides to do to turn back that
11:33 pm
effectiveness is going to be on her. melissa: in the face of all that, we saw people like alexandria ocasio-cortez win election. we saw bernie sanders continue to be popular when they point to and embrace policies that failed elsewhere. but obviously there are those who believe in that and are enthused by them and voting for them. >> andrew brings up a good points. we have work to do in the democratic party to unite. the bernie bros and the people who work for hillary. we are boots on the ground. and part of that is going to involve just listening to them. hearing the medicare for all thing i thought sounds like a terrible idea until the republican funded survey showed it would save $2 trillion over
11:34 pm
the course of 10 years. that sounds like a great savings to me. any time i hear the word social i'm i getter in vowps as a centrist myself. melissa: somebody coming at this from the investor points of view. what's the best way to help those falling behind? the socialists look for a redistribution and say this is a way to give people a hand up. you sort of help them get to a higher level, and that capitalism is good for the rich and for the powerful. but it's a mean system where other people get first and further behind. >> i feel like i'm about to witness the landing of the hindenburg on the top of the titanic. we know that socialism doesn't work.
11:35 pm
it hasn't worked in hundreds of years. i don't know why all of a sudden it would work now. i get where it appeals to a certain level of democrats. but this country is so extraordinarily conservative, and the democrats pander to the socialist wing of their party. i think it's death and toxic to their party. >> when they say healthcare is a right and the problem with obamacare was it didn't go far enough. and what needs to happen is medicare for all. if you look at folks in florida, they are enjoying medicare, why shouldn't everybody have it. >> the government should not be in the business of providing everything for everyone. and that's what this democratic congress wants to do. they want to take issue with those that are not experiencing the benefits of this economy,
11:36 pm
and they want to give them money out of the pockets of those who are producing. and that's not a recipe for success it's not a recipe for success in our economy. it's not a recipe for success in this country. melissa: it strikes me it's always about corruption. those who are removing the money seem to take their own cut. i think that's what bothers a lot of people about washington in general. you say how do you go to washington and you are alexandria ocasio-cortez who says she can't afford an apartment, and when they leave they are wealthy when they made $100,000 a year. >> i always wondered that myself. nancy pelosi's net wealth is $62 million. i have been wondering for a long time how they make their money.
11:37 pm
it doesn't quite add up to me. but it's intellectually dishonest to tout donald trump as a businessman president and say this isn't going work when it's a net savings of $2 trillion for medicare for all. mel require am not a net savings for medicare for all, but that's a topic for another time. socialist venezuela is on the brink of collapse. 90% of the population is living in poverty. more than half don't have enough money to even buy food. experts warn the worst is still ahead. how can bernie sanders and alexandria ocasio-cortez watch this and push the agenda. we have reaction from steve hilton. he's here with a warning. that's next. [ doorbell rings ] janice, mom told me you bought a house. okay.
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melissa: socialist venezuela reeling from its worst crisis in years. inflation at 1 million percent. reports indicate over a third of the venezuelan people only eating once a day. still some american politicians insist socialism works. joining me now, the former advisor to u.k. prime minister david cameron, steve hilton. steve, it's good to see you. i was doing the deep dive on what's going on in venezuela. it's the worst crisis they have ever seen. you have to feel for those people. 75% of their population has lost 20 pounds in recent years from malnutrition. it's a huge crisis.
11:42 pm
but people say socialism works in other parts of the world. you are just looking at places where it's not work. steve will be the thing is -- steve: it's important to keep focusing on it. it reminds us of the principles that we believe in that are so important. what's been going on in venezuela is an extreme version of socialism. but this whole example of venezuela reminds me of an important book that was influential for me and a lot of' conservatives. called the road to serfdom. he said if you start going down the road of government planning of the economy, central planning, economic intervention over air area of life, you may start in a place which is quite benign, but that road takes you
11:43 pm
to the end in tyranny. it's important not to start down that road, even if the starting point looks much more reasonable than we see in venezuela. melissa: this idea that human nature can never be overcomp'. but over time as you have people in power, corruption happens almost inevitably. and they central bell their way top power and begin hoarding the resources. but in a sourcist society you don't have the option' of booting those people out.
11:44 pm
steve: my family grew up -- hungarian. i grew up in a world where my family members were living under communism. i saw the petty corruption and people trying to make their way through the system and undermine it from within. there is no freedom, you can't expose it. it's a disaster. but another thing we have to remember, the reason that these socialist messages are appealing to many, many, many millions of americans today. reason alexandria ocasio-cortez has such a strong following, capitalism, the system we fundamentally believe in has not been working for young people in the last few decades. you look at how the incomes are stagnating and it's difficult to get on the housing ladder.
11:45 pm
melissa: hasn't that improved in the last couple years? steve: definitely. that's one of the plus points of the deregulation and the tax cuts in the trump economic agenda. i think the start is to make it more of a pro market economy. we talk about free markets. but in many industries you have too much concentration of power. you have too many businesses in washington and other sectors too. look at the healthcare sector where you have a small number of companies that stitch it up. is there not enough come anything our capitalist country today. melissa: how do you foster that competition? some people say to break up those big companies.
11:46 pm
but that's government intervention. whether it's facebook or google or drug companies where they get so far out ahead. if you do policies that favor the smaller guys, then you have government picking winners and losers. steve: it's about setting a barrier tore companies not being able to take too much of the market. the anti-trust policy often is the antidote to the regulation we don't want to see it's an alternative to the micromanaging of the companies that ends up in disaster. melissa: you can catch steve's show "the next revolution" sunday night at 9:00 p.m. democratic congressman hank johnson comparing president
11:47 pm
trump to adolph hitler. an doesn't have nice things to say about trump supporters either.
11:48 pm
11:49 pm
11:50 pm
>> adove hirtd letter rose to power to lead -- alove hitler rose to power in germany in 1942. he was elected with democratic elections. people crossing our borders are their riforts and drug dealers
11:51 pm
and criminals. hitler took over germany the way trump took over the republican party. melissa: the congressman continued setting his sights on those who support the president. >> donald trump supporters are older, less educated. many are dying from alcoholism, drug overdoses, liver disease. or simply a broken heart caused by economic despair. melissa: joining me is fox nation host britt mchenry. when he started out by criticizing someone for lumping a whole group of people together, then as so many people often do, he moved on and lumped
11:52 pm
together the president's supporters into a group in unflattering terms. >> that's the irony. speaking at the naacp in land, you should label people correctly. there is no exact count. 11 million deaths. 780,000 deaths in one camp to what donald trump has done as president is not only gross hyperbole. it's just wrong. i grew up in a county in florida that beat hillary clinton by 60,000 votes. i am not old dab an -- and i doe alcohol addictions.
11:53 pm
melissa: when somebody sits there and compare the president to someone who murdered millions of his own people, and then you saw everybody behind him smiling and nodding their head, and that sort of thing, you know, does it under mine their credibility or in that room you saw a lot of people nodding and agreeing. >> it's such a lack of respect and dignity. it's a slap in the face to americans who may support donald trump who are descendants of those who fought and died to fight the nazi regime. i know plenty of people in our family who support donald trump. it's wrong to equate supporting this president who is the leader of the free world. the united states is a great place to live if you are a minority or part of an lgbt
11:54 pm
community. to say these people don't have rights here in a country that has led the free world when it comes to human rights is such a disservice to the long way we have come as a country. it's a massive disservice to those who were enslaved and forced into gas chambers by the nazi regime. it trivializes that term and reduces it to an insult you can throw at a president you don't like. melissa: when people evoke the memory of the holocaust, they are said to be diminishing the memories of those lives that were snuffed out. >> it's disturbing. the reason i'm an american is because my family fled nazi germany. i didn't get to meet my oldest aunt on my mother's side until the berlin wall came down.
11:55 pm
to equate that to hitler is just wrong. and his son-in-law is jewish. where is that narrative coming from. melissa: then you lump in supporters. i don't know if that's good for trying to get more votes for your side. >> it sounds like the hillary clinton basket of deplorables comment. trashing the other side's supporters. you are going after people who could potentially be won over to your side. melissa: straight ahead, jerome corsi was on the hilda. this is not a bed.
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11:59 pm
lawsuit against robert mueller and other federal agencies. doctor says the feds violated his privacy rights and further charges that federal officials have been following him and his family in order to harass and intimidate them. he says here exclusively that mueller believes he knows how the dnc computers were hacked during the 2016 election and according to corsi mueller team want answers that he, corsi, does not have. you will hear all about today's court hearing from jerome corsi himself. he will be on the show exclusively this monday in his first and only interview since the hearing. make sure you tune in for that one. i will be back here tomorrow but before that you can catch me on the couch on outnumbered at noon. we do feisty fighting and have
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fun, too. also after the bell on weekdays at 4:00 p.m. eastern right here on foxbusiness. thank you so much for joining me tonight. my very good friend kennedy begins right now. ♪. kennedy: melissa, great to see you. let the games begin. democrats today retain control of the house promising to stand in the way of everything of president trump and the republicans agenda. how will the president stay one step ahead of this rowdy caucus? i look at the house for where lawmakers are now debating bills to end the government shutdown. right now on the docket a bill to the fund the home insecurity without any money for the wall. if and when they vote, will bring you right back to capitol hill. earlier this afternoon democrats elected nancy pelosi to her second term as house speaker


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